Legal advice for expats in Amsterdam region

English speaking clients are welcome. Are you an expat? If you need any advice on legal matters in The Netherlands I will be most happy to help you, whether you are a private person or you have a business. Please contact me if you are seeking a legal advisor or you want to outsource your tax return. I can show you the way in matters of employment law, starting a business, tax issues, dealing with public entities such as 'gemeentes' and others. Feel free to contact me for information.

You expect to be heard whilst you stay in control of your legal and business affairs.  In that case I am your partner in organizing and reviewing all aspects of your business situation. I aim to be an approachable yet professional advisor with an overview of all that is relevant to properly advise you. I use clear language and my services are available at less than market rates for qualified legal advice. If you want to be treated as a person not as a file or a number, you found the right address. 

For many legal affairs an often expensive lawyer is not obligatory and an insurance policy for legal expenses sometimes won’t meet your individual needs.

 Why not seek appropriate solutions for your legal and business problems?


•       Mrs. Mastenbroek, Zakelijk en Juridisch advies is a legal consultancy agency in Amsterdam (close to Amstelveen) since 1999 (Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam: 000013404393)

•       I have lots of experience with the legal problems of businesses and individuals (e.g. employment law, debt collection, general terms of agreement, rent of business property, drafting agreements of various types, start-up advice, etc)

•       I aim to be a reliable business partner


You can reach me easily:


Tel: 020-4040430
Whatsapp: 06-14742709